These articles deal with a range of topics – ‘general’ grief over the loss of a loved one, choosing to continue a pregnancy after an adverse diagnosis, inspiring stories of love and life – some related to the loss of a child, miscarriage, and some just about the general trials we face in life. All links posted here are meant to inform, encourage, and uplift. They are in the order in which I came across them – the oldest listed first, the newest at the bottom.

Living Through Grief: Spiritual Life on Contains facts on grief, God’s viewpoint, managing grief, helping others through grief, and additional resources.

Tough Questions An inspiring personal story written by Shuana Amick. She shares a story of a woman who was told that her baby was going to have Down’s Syndrome, but did not and was healthy at birth. Then she shares her own story of her child who has Down’s Syndrome. I wrote a blog post responding to this article that you can find here.

When Love Wins A pdf file of a pamphlet created by Focus on the Family. An amazing source of information for women and families continuing a pregnancy after an adverse diagnosis. Great testimonies and personal stories,  great information on the risks of abortion, doctor’s perspectives, and God’s perspective. Really can’t stress how great of a resource this is!

Coping with Death and Grief A series of articles on Focus on the Family’s website written by Patricia Johnson. Article topics: overview of grief, understanding the grieving process, ‘grief, trauma, or depression?’, helping loved ones grieve, and next steps and additional information. One of the best series of articles I’ve read on grief.

Bare Branches A moving blog post by Annie Down’s posted on (In)Courage. She reveals a moment in her life when she lost everything, felt ‘bare,’ yet found love (in a very cool way!)  in the midst of it.

Faith in the Storms An excerpt from Sharon James’ s book Becoming Spiritually Beautiful, the excerpt appeared as a Daily Devotional from on March 16, 2010. Sharon candidly shares her experience of grieving the loss of her daughter who she miscarried. *Warning: a touching, tear-jerker, but uplifting and worth the read!

Celebrating Caleb’s First Year An article about a baby born with Trisomy 18 overcoming the odds and celebrating his first birthday. He sure is a cutie!


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