Turn Mourning into Dancing

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. ~Psalm 30:11

Whether you have experienced a time of mourning or not, I am sure that when most of you read those words you think what? Turn mourning into joyful dancing? what? But yes. Mourning CAN turn into joyful dancing. I never believed the power and truth in those words, especially not immediately after Hailey passed away, but I am living proof of the miraculous healing experienced because of God’s grace and can testify to the truth in those words.

On this page you will find links to various resources that have helped me turn my mourning into dancing, my sorrow into joy, that basically have helped me make my way through the difficult process of grieving and get to the point where I have overcome the darkness of my grief, where I can feel more joy than sorrow, where I spend more time rejoicing and less time mourning.

I have found that during this time of my mourning, words have been very healing for my soul. The ‘written’ words that have helped me have come in the form of Bible verses, quotes, poems, songs, books, and articles.  Sometimes the words bring comfort, sometimes joy, sometimes a reminder that I need. Sometimes they reflect a cry from my heart and capture my experience of grief better than I can articulate.

To find out what words have been inspirational, encouraging, and/or expressions of my soul please click a link to view that particular sub-page. I pray that you would find words that bring comfort to you and/or someone you know – you don’t have to be grieving a loss to appreciate the power of these words.

…coming soon! I will share some uniquely personal things that have successfully helped me grieve and find joyful dancing during this tragedy of ours…



Bible Verses





Child Loss Resources

I have also been able to ‘turn my mourning into dancing’ through websites and blogs – you can find links to these on my homepage in the right-hand column.


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