My book-loving soul rejoices over these books!

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(I can’t believe that this post will make 7 days in a row! yikes! I hope you’re not getting tired of me yet!)

Can I tell you how hard it was for me to find a good book on grief and/or infant loss when Hailey passed? Very hard! No one knew of any. A pastor recommended a few – none of which I could find in a store around here anywhere! I found a few on my own at the library, but they were duds. And don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of books on grief out there… but nothing was quite fitting what I was looking for …

Finally I ordered (and finally received after a huge ordeal with Borders) one of the books that was recommended to my by the pastor. Then I came across a devotional style book that looked encouraging on Amazon and ordered that with my Borders order (that again finally came after a big mix up over a month after I was supposed to receive it). And then, through a blog I came across and started following, I found another hopeful devotional written by the author of the blog.

Well, I am rejoicing over how wonderful these 3 books are! And I have to share them on here (and I will add them to my “Turn Mourning into Dancing” page later under my book resources).

Book #1: I’ll Hold You in Heaven by Jack W. Hayford

Wonderful, wonderful, Biblical-based resource on the death of a child – through miscarriage, tubal pregnancy, early infant death, or abortion. It’s a short read, but has great depth in meaning and content. I really can’t praise this book enough. If you know anyone who has experienced a loss in any of the ways I have mentioned – even family members of someone who experienced the loss – please recommend this book. It speaks Truth and comfort.

Book #2: Grieving the Child I Never Knew by Kathe Wunnenberg

This book has 31 daily devotionals that cover a range of topics dealing with the loss of a child. Each devotional includes a Bible verse, the author’s personal discussion of a topic (the author lost 4 babies), a prayer, and “steps toward healing” which includes a set of questions and space in the book for you to journal your answers. I’ve done 2 of the devotionals so far and wish I had had this 3 months ago! It really helps you sort through your feelings and address your grief in healthy ways. It also has a section that suggests which devotions to do on certain days (like birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.).

Book #3: Rain on Me by Holley Gerth

This book is also a devotional style resource. Even though I’m listing this book third, it is one of my favorite books I have come across! I really love it so far! The book has 40 daily devotionals and is similar in style to the devotional listed above. It begins with a Bible verse, includes the author’s personal discussion of a topic, has a section of scripture for you to read on your own, then has a “reflect” section that again includes questions and a place in the book to write answers, and it ends with a “respond” where it begins a prayer that you finish and write. The author experienced the loss of a child; however, the devotional is designed for ANY storm a person might be facing. It is not specific to child loss. So I really recommend this for anyone! Again, I’m only on day two, but it’s awesome! I’m thinking I might start doing some of my devotions from the book on my blog because it’s so great so far!

I will also say, I read Empty Cradle, Broken Heart – it’s okay, but it lacked Truth and Hope if you know what I mean…


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