Please, Be Not Afraid…

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Tonight I was ‘surfing the web’ looking around at infant loss and grief resources. I came across a website called “A Heartbreaking Choice” …  here is a snippet from their homepage:

We realize that all parents make a loving choice, one they feel is better for their baby. Regardless of the fetal anomaly found, the decision to end a pregnancy is always a difficult one.

And listed below on the homepage:  “New Sections – Trisomy 18” – a page that has 6 stories of aborting babies with Trisomy 18.

My heart breaks and my stomach aches…tears are filling my eyes and I want to scream out. I have always known that many parents choose abortion when their child is given a lethal diagnosis, but seeing this online made it all the more ‘real.’ And it’s all the more personal to me to see these Trisomy 18 stories, I think of Hailey, my precious, beautiful Hailey…

I can’t imagine what someone must have been told to be persuaded to kill their child…to think that they argue it was out of love because they didn’t want their child to be in pain… no one knows if their baby would have faced pain, no one knows what kind of life the baby would have had, no one knows if the prenatal diagnosis was even correct, they can guess but they cannot know, do they not think that the baby experiences pain when it is killed, do they not think that the baby could have had a wonderful, loving, joyful life even when facing ‘anomalies’ -they can! yet they give that child no hope at all… they have no hope….they are fed so many lies….

It’s kind of funny that tonight is the night Hailey’s story, “She was Always in His Hands: Hailey Marie” got published on Be Not Afraid. I was going to write this post only about that, but now it’s changed…my heart started off so excited and proud to share this with everyone – and I still am excited and proud – especially now that I’ve seen this particular website that’s out there. But this is no longer the upbeat post I wanted it to be…instead my heart breaks more right now than it has in awhile. I can only pray someone faced with a lethal prenatal diagnosis would stumble upon Be Not Afraid and Hailey’s story before coming across the other pro-abortion site….oh how different those two websites are….

A Heartbreaking Choice quotes this:

…it is estimated that between 80 and 95 percent of parents receiving a severe prenatal diagnosis choose to end the pregnancy…

80 to 95%…wow….I started to write a huge long post about my beliefs but deleted it all. I just can’t. I am too overwhelmed right now…So I will simply say this – ALL life is precious, deserves a chance, and needs to be protected…yes ALL. PLEASE…BE NOT AFRAID…


“Each child is sent into this world by God with a ‘Unique Message’ to deliver, a new personal act of love to bestow” -John Powell, S.J., Professor of Theology

“A person’s a person no matter how small” -Dr. Seuss


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