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(I wrote this at midnight last night… Hopefully it’s coherent and even I have my facts straight)

To try to keep our friends and family updated about Hailey and know how to pray for her, Josh, and I, I’m going to attempt the best I can to get everyone up to speed and on the same page with all the facts.

Hailey’s Birth:
While being induced at Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan, AL and having minor contractions for 2 days, my water broke naturally at around 1 or 2pm (times are fuzzy for me!) on December 1st. I was able to have the vaginal birth I wanted and almost had it as natural as I wanted. However, due to my being confined to a bed and not being allowed to move throughout my entire labor and contractions, I was having a difficult time managing naturally and requested medicinal relief through an IV (I’m not sure what they gave me). They gave me the medicine around 5 right before I started pushing. Little Hailey Marie Vanderlip arrived without complications on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 6:04pm.

Hailey’s Medical Issues:
This is where things become unbelievably complicated. I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible. Immediately after delivering Hailey the doctors could physically see several things wrong with her. First, her intestines were on the outside of her body and in her umbilical cord so the doctors had to take care of that and I was not able to see her at all since they were working on her. Second, her left side of her body visually looked like it had some problems developing – in particular her left hand and her left hip (possibly leg). After cutting the umbilical cord, Hailey was rushed to the NICU and was then flown to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL where they would better be able to handle her medical issues. Fortunately, two of our friends were able to drive Josh to Birmingham to meet Hailey there (it’s a 4 hour drive) so Josh left immediately. Also, fortunately, I was able to go to the NICU at SAMC to see Hailey while they waited for the jet to get there from Birmingham. When the rescue people got there from Birmingham they let me hold her before taking her – I am sooooo thankful for that as that is the only time she has been held (other than by doctors).

When Hailey arrived in Birmingham, she had surgery to repair a tear in her intestines. Her surgery went extremely well. She was then left with a bandage and contraption to help her intestines naturally go back into her body – which they did very smoothly which is another blessing – this happened during the day December 2 and 3 .

Now here’s where I’m going to leave out a lot of details and make a very long complicated story short (these things are not necessarily in the order in which they happened or we found them out). ..
Additional Medical Issues:
Hailey also has some concerns with her body development (as mentioned early about her left side like her hand and such) and some other things that suggest that she may have a possible genetic disorder. She had tests run to determine if she has any, we do not have any results back and those will come in slowly over time.
During one of the ultrasounds she had done, the found two small structures in her abdomen – they have no idea what they are – they could be nothing or something; so they have to check that out more whenever they can – don’t know anything more about that.
They’ve also been having problems getting a pic so they can get into her veins. They’re going to try to put a central line in her during her surgery tomorrow.
Hailey’s red blood count and platelet counts are quite low – but they have been taking a lot of blood from her and she’s lost some blood due to her 1st surgery – so it’s somewhat normal but not good so they’re probably going to have to give her a blood transfusion which they’re very hopeful about.
She also might have a stomach ulcer.
Most concerning has been her breathing. Since she’s been admitted it’s been getting worse and worse. They don’t know what’s causing it (could be several things – most not good), where she basically forgets to breathe or can’t breathe and has a great deal of trouble catching her breathe again. They would like to consider putting breathing tubes in her but that is a whole other issue I won’t get into right now. So right now she’s having episodes where she stops breathing.

Praises for Hailey:
She has been such a strong little girl and such a fighter. In her ultrasounds they show she has all of her major organs and all of her bones she needs. Her heart is great. Lungs looked great but they’re still now sure what’s going on with the breathing. Also, her left side (except for her hand) is looking better and doing better – she has lots more movement where she didn’t before.

December 4 she will have her final surgery to fix the intestine problem. They will sew up her stomach and make sure the intestines are back in okay. While they’re operating on her they’re going to see what they can do about some of the other problems that are occurring. With her breathing problems and her going under anesthesia for the surgery, she’ll need some extra prayers.

Unfortunately we’ve only been able to hold Hailey’s hand and talk to her – we can’t hold her or kiss or anything. But she often tries to open her little eyes and look at us. We love her so much and are so thankful for the many friends and families we have praying and supporting her and us. You have no idea how good it feels and how much strength I gain from reading someone’s message on facebook or email or text or anything about how they’re praying for her and us.

Also thankfully, we were able to get into a Ronald McDonald house a couple of blocks away from the hotel where we’re staying indefinitely. Between the Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House, I feel so blessed to be where we are and being taken care of the way we are. Thank you everyone for your prayers, your help with driving, dog-sitting, ferret-sitting, and everyone else you all are doing to help us.


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